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DIY Conservatory Base

DurabaseIf you are not a builder but still want the satisfaction of constructing your new DIY Conservatory base yourself, then we have the solution.

The Durabase advanced base and wall system will save you time and money and should be the only choice when purchasing a steel base.

As a nominated supplier of the Durabase product we can supply your “made to measure” steel base along with your DIY Conservatory. Perfect fit every time.

The Durabase steel conservatory base system is a cost effective alternative to the traditional bricks and mortar conservatory base. It is the product of 20 years development by the manufactures and is supplied with a 15 year guarantee.

Brick Finishes

Brick Finishes for base of conservatoriesOur modular walls are faced with real brick tiles and mortar. Available in 30+ finishes that will help match your existing house brick.

View full brick chart - Walls can also be supplied ready to render

No need to move manholes or drains

Manhole problems for conservatoriesManholes need not present an expensive obstruction. Thebase will naturally span the drain and access can be granted via a trap-door and removable floor joist, built in during fabrication.

Durabase There are many benefits to choosing a Durabase over a tradiontional base...

Quicker.... The Durabase arrives in kit form, complete with flooring and under-floor insulation ready for quick and easy assembley. The average base can be installed within the a day!

Easier.... Uneven or sloping sites and difficult site access are easily overcome with Durabase.

Cleaner.... There's no need for large scale excavations, which minimises the amount of soil to dispose of and distruption caused to the site

Cost Effective.... No need for expensive relocating of manholes or drains

Straight forward installation.... Durbase is suitable for either professsional or DIY installation. Durabase can be assemled with just a little DIY experience. No specialist tradesmen or bricklayer are required. The modular walls are bricked and motared before they are delivered to site, with just bridging tiles to be fitted on site.

U-Values…. The following U-values can now be achieved with the Durabase system. Walls 0.27W/m²k and Floors 0.22W/m²k.

There are 4 options for the Durabase system

Full Height Glazing

Full Height Glazing - Durabase for conservatories

This option is used for conservatories with no dwarf wall. Cill fixes directly to outside beam of the base and is finished off with an insulated floor

Modular Dwarf Wall

Modular Dwarf Wall - Durabase for conservatories

An ideal alternative to traditional brickwork. Along with the base system of the Full Height option, the galvanised steel modular dwarf wall system comes pre-clad and pointed with only bridging tiles to be fit on site.

Durabase + Modular Wall/Full Height Conservatory Base System

Durabase + Modular Wall / Full height conservatory base system

This system has all the advantages of the standard system but with the capability of achieving an even greater U-value. The specially designed steel base and flooring insulation can achieve an impressive U-value of 0.22 W/m2K. Matched with the modular walls, when insulated and finished off with foil-backed plaster board (U-value of 0.27 W/m2K), the Durabase+ delivers a more energy efficient base. This base is ideal for use in Scotland as it can assist in getting a successful building warrant application.

Selfbuild Traditional Brickwork

Durabase + Modular Wall / Full height conservatory base system

This unique option gives the quick and easy solution for alternative foundations, the same as the Full Height Base. However it then allows you to build onto it with traditional brickwork. You can benefit from all the advantages of the Durabase system whilst still building with the exact brickwork or stone that your house may be built from. The best of both worlds!

Assembly of Durabase

After choosing your site, dig out the holes for the pads as per the plan provided. Mix and fill the holes with concrete and allow to harden. Each pad is only 450mm3 Note the minimal mess and disruption to the garden. Please click image to enlarge.

Lay out the outer cill and attach the adjustable legs. Position the rear cill along the house wall then drill and fix using the raw bolts provided. Please click image to enlarge.

Bolt all the outer cill sections together and position the base legs on top of the pads. Check the levels throughout using a spirit level and adjust using the adjustable screw legs. Please click image to enlarge.

Slot the floor joists into the brackets and secure with the nuts and bolts supplied. Position the joist supports and continue to check the base is level. When all is finished, tighten all the fixings. Please click image to enlarge.

Fix the numbered skirt sections to the base as per the plan provided. Please click image to enlarge.

Lay out the damp course membrane onto the base and position the wall sections as shown in the plan provided. Bolt all sections together then screw each section to the steel base. All the screws and bolts that you will need are provided. When secure, finish by placing the spare bricks into place and mortar around using mortar supplied. Please click image to enlarge.

You are now ready to erect the conservatory and lay the flooring and underfloor insulation. Once you have plastered and decorated you can sit down and enjoy your new conservatory with the satisfaction of a job well done. Please click image to enlarge.

Summary of DIY Conservatory Base

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